Buddy app

A Challenge

The main challenge was to create a working mobile app within 24 hours. It means that design should have been prepared much much faster!

So I used some already made UI kit for this challenge to save some time and be helpful for developers with testing. We also didn't think too much on a naming :)

Speed prototyping

As there was a lack of time for testing assumptions and thinking about visual solutions, I used hand drawing sketches to discuss the logic with a team.

We all agreed that besides the basic functionality for this kind of app would be great to have some cool feature. One of them became a funny animated alert that appears when the spending is more than the limit.

Knowledge gained

Hackathon is a cool opportunity to test your creativity. The ideas being generated in such a short time are very surprising. And the team has a great spirit!

I personally was very inspired to do my best in such a short terms. This event was a cool opportunity to focus especially on empathizing, ideas generating, sketching, flow, and screen interactions. UX part was crucial, as there was no time to rethink a basic concept after the coding start.

Desk-friendly exercises for office workers

Desktop interface for performance marketing company

To create an interface for a music distribution service.


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