SaaS solution for a performance marketing company


A Challenge

For this project, I was involved as an in-house UX/UI Designer. The goal was to create an intuitive interface for an affiliate marketing platform, which can help to interact with agencies, advertisers, publishers, and affiliate networks.

To become familiar with affiliate networking, I was done a lot of research and interviews with employees of an agency. Building a SaaS solution is a big challenge and means dealing with large numbers and scattered data. With a team of 4 designers, we started to organize questions and understand the plot.

This product was not the first in this niche, but this fact was helpful only for Competitive Analysis. The basic features should have been gathered, described, reviewed from a development's perspective and translated into visually clear structures.


We did upwards of 25 on-site interviews with employees of the agency, which allowed us to complete our research. The company's team is responsible for integrating with partners and improving the performance of their campaigns. The goal of Orangear product is to provide advanced automation tools, which can analyze offers, campaigns, affiliates data to optimize the campaigns and promote ROI.

We have also communicated with VPs to understand the business need and prepare our vision. We have had very tight deadlines so tried to organize our Design Process as clear as possible.

I like to sketch during the research process. Organizing project's basic elements and concepts is one of my favorite part of UX process. I often do this with a pen and a paper, but this time I used my iPad.

The Approach

The designers, product manager, developers, internal experts and VPs combined their findings in a shared documents. First, we made sure that we are all understand the problem correctly and are all on the same page.

These questions led us to understanding the main goal of this interface. While exploring the main modules, we prepared concept map to depict our findings.

I have also made a Competitor Analysis to understand the posibilities of other related services.

After research and gathering requirements regarding system modules, I created a scheme that shows the main connections between the modules.

Wireframes and Testing

For this stage, our team decided to pick Sketch and InVision for creating a clickable prototypes and gather feedback.

We planned and organized sessions for stakeholders, users, and developers separately. After that, we needed to iterate our prototyping stage and improve the screens.

As a result, I managed all the wireframes, connected them to project Google Docs and made necessary preparations for creating a visual part of the project. In this way, we've had clickable prototypes in InVision and static wireframes with detailed description to each elements in a shred folder.

UI Preparation

We used Sketch and Zeplin tools for handling of UI.

Keeping in mind that the product UI elements might be added with time, we have created a Design system with key buttons, input fields, defined sizes of blocks and separators, that is changing responsively according to the device. This system could be easily enhanced with the new elements and updated in all the interface parts automatically. That was also extremely helpful while several designers worked on UI at the same time.

Knowledge gained

Using Sketch I designed multiple prototypes and brainstormed various possibilities for the user to interact with the site. I used InVision to show the prototypes to stakeholders and gather feedback. For User Testing we used InVision mobile and made our notices on observation.

We've created very descriptive handoffs for developers. Not only UI elements specifications, but also how elements connected. So, Designers Team created additional user flows artboard with more technical descriptions. Having these assets was a great idea to improve our collaboration with developers.

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