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FlexMonday is a mobile app intended for full-time office workers who want to remind themselves about stretching during the day. Researches say that up to 50% of employees experience some physical discomfort while sitting at the desk for a long time. One study even says that it could be dangerous for a life in a long perspective. Sitting at a desk for eight or more hours a day make us productive, but can also harm our health. Often office workers don't do stretch because just forget to. So, the aim of this app is to prompt to do small exercises during a day and remain healthy!

Problem Statement

Based on external research and communication with the focus group I have gathered some statistics. These insights were a good starting point to go deeper.

Persona Development

Combining the information gathered during research, I developed User Persona.

So, let me introduce Mike, front-end developer. Mike likes to be in fit. In the morning he does some exercises. But he also likes coding, so he tries to find a way to be physically active during the work day while sitting. Sometimes he feels some spine syndromes, and wants to add some small exercises to avoid that.

Assumptions and Wireframes testing

I analyzed my findings and started to notice my assumptions and create the wireframes. One thing that became clear while communicating with a focus group, is that Flexmonday should be an app that doesn’t require much attention and distract from tasks. A person who wants to just stretch the legs while sitting should not deal with a smartphone to “set up” an activity. It should be rather a gently reminder and unobtrusive visual guidance.

Functional requirements

In a collaboration with our Project Manager, we created a basic requirements that correspond to user flows and wireframes. It is also a base for developers' User Stories.

User should have an ability to:

* Sign in and create user profile

* Choose from a list of exercises, or try a workout

* Create reminders for each of the day (Schedule)

* Mark Favourite exercises

* View the log of completed workouts

* Edit in Settings exercise duration, exercises' group duration, and number of exercises.

App Branding

For this project I have developed a logo that symbolizes flexibility. After initial sketching and collaborating with Product Owner, I have prepared a final App Icon and assets for developers. The result is a letter "E" that does some stretching :)

Final UI

In this project I used an approach that considers current user's activity. For the screens where we need some input from the user, I used light background (to make all the options highly distinctive and visible). For the part where everything is already set up, I used reversed colors. For example, a screen with the cards appearing after app's reminder. Considering that brightness of the screens varies for different people during the work day, I decided to highlight only the card and make a particular icon with exercise very contrast. In this way, user can focus on the icon and not on the whole device screen.

Knowledge Gained

App's interface was transfered into clickable prototypes and tested on a focus group. The main goal was achieved - people liked the interface and mostly the ability to create their own workouts by combining different groups of the exercises.

Some users said, that it would be cool to animate these icons that depict exercises types. Then it wouldn't be necessary to also read the description while doing the stretching.

The flow contains reminder receiving, opening the app, and doing the workout defined by user before.

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